Deployment Probs
I'm Austen. I'm a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am currently engaged to my best friend and Marine. He is such a blessing to me!
27. May 2012

Day 29: When will you see her/him next?

Im not exactly sure to be honest :( November is the target date but sooner would be fantastic!

skipped a day….

Day 30: Where do you see your future going with him/her?

I see myself spending the rest of my life with Justin. I seriously couldn’t sit down and look towards my future without having him there. I’ve had to go through losing him once and I will not let that happen again. Justin and I have had that romantic comedy/serious movie type relationship down to a T. Absolute perfection! I can’t wait to start actually being able to plan out our lives together when he gets home. 

25. May 2012

Day 28: If you could have him/her with you physically for the next 5 hours, what would you do?

Cuddle….Then cuddle some more……Then after that I guess we would….cuddle. 

24. May 2012

Day 27: If you had the money/time/connections/whatever to get him/her any gift in the world, what would it be?

He sold his truck before he went to bootcamp a long time ago and the poor thing barely ran any way. If I could get him anything, I would get him the car/truck of his dreams. Fully paid so he wouldn’t have to worry about it because I know that’s not something he is going to want to pay for when he gets back. I wish I could do that for him :( 

23. May 2012

Day 26: Sweetest thing he/she has done for you 

He has done so many sweet things for me! For Valentines this year I told him to send some flowers to my dorm room. He was in the field that whole week and I told him that when he had snuck away to make a phone call. He said he would do it, but I thought he was just kidding around. When I talked to him again he kept saying I hope they spelt everything okay…So I suspected he did, but I still wasn’t fully convinced. On Valentines Day tons of flowers flooded the lobby of my dorm and I wasn’t expecting to get one, but I browsed through the names and found mine! It was a dozen roses in the shape of a heart. How sweet! He found a flower vender in Knoxville and got them delivered all the way from Virginia! The card read Ich Libe Dich Always and Forever - Justin 

22. May 2012

Day 25: One thing that he/she does that pisses you off (even if that smile while get you every time)

It makes me so mad when he can’t control his 5 year old self when we go out places! Like one time we went to Red Robins to eat lunch in Jacksonville, and I was already mad about something and he insists on shooting spit balls at me! SPIT BALLS….really? Then he kept sliding the menu that sits in the middle of the table at me and even knocked it off a couple of times. Who picked it up? me…It made me SOOOO mad, but even though I was mad I couldn’t help but laugh.
21. May 2012

Day 24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise

He is only a few inches taller than me but we are the perfect size for each other. I don’t think the boy has had an ounce of fat on him ever, he is all muscle which I love. He has dark skin when he is able to be in the sun, but for the past year he has worn almost nothing but Camis all day. At least his neck and hands are tan! ha He has a beautiful smile and dark brown eyes. He has dark hair, pretty much almost black and I love when his hair is long. Not really long but the in between short and a medium/long. 

Personality wise, he has always been very observant even before he joined the Marines. He picks up on things you say very well and he will remember them. I swear he can’t take anything seriously though. He always has to make a joke out of something. Even when I’m trying to be serious and personal, he will still find something funny to say. It makes me so mad sometimes, but I can’t help but laugh at him. The times when I just KNOW that I’M “right”, he will call me out when I’m wrong (he plays along most of the time). I tell him this all the time, but he really is a hopeless romantic. He is such a sweet talker which I of course love but no one else wants to see/hear. He is very protective over me and only wants what is best for me. He isn’t really a jealous guy, but we both know how jealous we both CAN get. (I am very guilty of this) He used to be quick to anger but his fuse has gotten much longer thank goodness. He is very understanding as well, and he will try to put himself in your shoes before he jumps to conclusions. His conclusions aren’t always right, but at least he tries hahaha 

I just love him for everything he is and isn’t. Wouldn’t change a thing about him! 

20. May 2012

Day 23: Do you have a song? Which one is it? (if you don’t, then what is something that always reminds you of him/her)

I think this is any military SOs song; Wait For Me by Theory of a Deadman

19. May 2012

Day 22: Share something cute. (A story, something either of you have done, a song, memory, wish, dream)

So here is the story behind our first date. If anyone has read our story that I have in my pages, you would know that our relationship kind of started out long distance too. We weren’t officially boyfriend/girlfriend just yet but I could tell it was getting close. Sometime in early December I had a soccer tournament in Memphis. I got excited that I might see him so I told him about it. He was excited and said he would come watch me play. The closer the date got the more nervous I got though. I found out it was in Germantown and told him that he didn’t have to come because it was probably too far from him any way….He responded with ” That’s even closer :)” ….Of course it was….The first day of my tournament I avoided telling him what field I was playing on and blamed missed calls on me being on the field. I thought he would give up on finding me, because he missed the first game. The next game, while I was waiting in my mom’s mini van, he texted me and asked “Does your mom drive a Nissan Quest with a Sumner county plate” I was mortified. He found me. I was looking everywhere for where he might be but didn’t see him. He said get out of the car, so I did even though I was so nervous to see him again. I got out and when I saw him. I did this awkward run/ skip thing toward him and gave him a big hug. My heart was pounding harder and faster than it had in a long time. He stayed and watched my game and afterwards…when I was soaked from the sleet that was coming down…he came back to the hotel my mom and I were staying at. I was almost sickly white and a mess from my game, so I thought in my head…”if he still likes me after this weekend it will be a miracle” I cleaned up and we decided to go to O’ Charley’s since it was my favorite. Now most people would not consider this a date because my mom did go with us lol but we like to joke around and say that it was. On our first “date”, I managed to get food all over myself, and spit my food out while trying to talk and eat at the same time…Justin later told me that, that is when he knew I was the one. Hahahaha It was an awkward weekend to say the least, but even after my game when I was soaked, cold, and disgusting and even after my poor table etiquette, he still really liked me! Its crazy to think back on that and to see how far we have come. I love him more than my words can even describe. I am so blessed to have him in my life. 

Here is a picture from our first “date”

18. May 2012

Day 21: Give us a little insight (as much as you’re comfortable) on your sex life (either with this person physically, or your general history, or over the phone ha, whatever you want)

Well, we both feel that our sex life is personal, but let me just say that no one has ever made me feel more beautiful and loved than he does in those moments. It is truly so special to the both of us. 

17. May 2012

Day 20: Is there something you regret? (either about the relationship, or something you have done)

There have been a few things that, at the time, I wish I wouldn’t have done. It would have spared a lot of arguing. He feels the same about some of the things he has done also, but we both have no regrets on what has happened in the past because it has only brought us so much closer. I never really believed arguing could do that, but just sitting down with each other and getting out what we need to say has proven to be the best way to keep us going strong.