Deployment Probs
I'm Austen. I'm a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am currently engaged to my best friend and Marine. He is such a blessing to me!

Day 24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise

He is only a few inches taller than me but we are the perfect size for each other. I don’t think the boy has had an ounce of fat on him ever, he is all muscle which I love. He has dark skin when he is able to be in the sun, but for the past year he has worn almost nothing but Camis all day. At least his neck and hands are tan! ha He has a beautiful smile and dark brown eyes. He has dark hair, pretty much almost black and I love when his hair is long. Not really long but the in between short and a medium/long. 

Personality wise, he has always been very observant even before he joined the Marines. He picks up on things you say very well and he will remember them. I swear he can’t take anything seriously though. He always has to make a joke out of something. Even when I’m trying to be serious and personal, he will still find something funny to say. It makes me so mad sometimes, but I can’t help but laugh at him. The times when I just KNOW that I’M “right”, he will call me out when I’m wrong (he plays along most of the time). I tell him this all the time, but he really is a hopeless romantic. He is such a sweet talker which I of course love but no one else wants to see/hear. He is very protective over me and only wants what is best for me. He isn’t really a jealous guy, but we both know how jealous we both CAN get. (I am very guilty of this) He used to be quick to anger but his fuse has gotten much longer thank goodness. He is very understanding as well, and he will try to put himself in your shoes before he jumps to conclusions. His conclusions aren’t always right, but at least he tries hahaha 

I just love him for everything he is and isn’t. Wouldn’t change a thing about him! 

Monday, 21 - 05 - 2012