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I'm Austen. I'm a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am currently engaged to my best friend and Marine. He is such a blessing to me!

Day 22: Share something cute. (A story, something either of you have done, a song, memory, wish, dream)

So here is the story behind our first date. If anyone has read our story that I have in my pages, you would know that our relationship kind of started out long distance too. We weren’t officially boyfriend/girlfriend just yet but I could tell it was getting close. Sometime in early December I had a soccer tournament in Memphis. I got excited that I might see him so I told him about it. He was excited and said he would come watch me play. The closer the date got the more nervous I got though. I found out it was in Germantown and told him that he didn’t have to come because it was probably too far from him any way….He responded with ” That’s even closer :)” ….Of course it was….The first day of my tournament I avoided telling him what field I was playing on and blamed missed calls on me being on the field. I thought he would give up on finding me, because he missed the first game. The next game, while I was waiting in my mom’s mini van, he texted me and asked “Does your mom drive a Nissan Quest with a Sumner county plate” I was mortified. He found me. I was looking everywhere for where he might be but didn’t see him. He said get out of the car, so I did even though I was so nervous to see him again. I got out and when I saw him. I did this awkward run/ skip thing toward him and gave him a big hug. My heart was pounding harder and faster than it had in a long time. He stayed and watched my game and afterwards…when I was soaked from the sleet that was coming down…he came back to the hotel my mom and I were staying at. I was almost sickly white and a mess from my game, so I thought in my head…”if he still likes me after this weekend it will be a miracle” I cleaned up and we decided to go to O’ Charley’s since it was my favorite. Now most people would not consider this a date because my mom did go with us lol but we like to joke around and say that it was. On our first “date”, I managed to get food all over myself, and spit my food out while trying to talk and eat at the same time…Justin later told me that, that is when he knew I was the one. Hahahaha It was an awkward weekend to say the least, but even after my game when I was soaked, cold, and disgusting and even after my poor table etiquette, he still really liked me! Its crazy to think back on that and to see how far we have come. I love him more than my words can even describe. I am so blessed to have him in my life.¬†

Here is a picture from our first “date”

Saturday, 19 - 05 - 2012

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