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I'm Austen. I'm a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am currently engaged to my best friend and Marine. He is such a blessing to me!

Okay I had to tell the story behind this picture because it just popped in my head and made me smile. Haha 

So the week before Justin left, I stayed in Jacksonville because luckily my spring break fell on that week. I would have to wake up every morning and drive him to work though and that was no fun. I would then drive back to the hotel and go back to sleep, then wake up get ready on go to the beach on base. One morning I decided I was going to be a good fiance and bring him lunch! If any of you have been on base at Lejeune, you know that the only options for food is dunkin doughnuts, burger king, dominos pizza, and subway. He wanted Subway so I walk in and of course everyone and their mom was getting food there. I felt kind of rushed ordering so I was nervous. Since I’m a plain jane always just get turkey lettuce and cheese, I didn’t know what half the stuff was he wanted on the sandwich and I was so confused. Here is the text he sent me with the order:

"Cold cut with bacon, monterey cheddar toasted. Only lettuce. Italian herbs and cheese bread. And Italian herb sweet onion with pepper jack cheese with lettuce pickles and extra sweet sauce" 

I had no idea that that was two different breads….Haha I also was unaware that I was getting a sandwich for his friend too! Ha So here I am in Subway withs lots of hungry Marines behind me and I’m trying to put two sandwiches into one..I get out to the car and tell him what I got and all he could do was laugh. He made me go back in and I had to go through the line again..When I got to his barracks, that is the face he made. I sure did feel stupid after that. Ha It just makes me smile to look at it though and makes me miss him like CRAZY! So moral of the story…know your sandwich shit girls. 

Monday, 14 - 05 - 2012

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